About us

Parentsexpert is one of the most visited websites for parents looking for suggestions and answers concerning parenting, kid’s health and family leisure time.

Parentsexpert was formed by a group of enthusiastic parents wishing to share their experience on how to be a better parent. By now, the site accounts more than 15 contributors among which you can find nurses, IT experts, designers, bakers etc. They will help you pick up the best baby name, cook delicious meal or even show you how to redecorate your bathroom without spending much money.

Of course, all of our writers and contributors are parents who speak from their own experience.
We cover topics starting with teething and ending with the best apps for parents. We understand that our visitors are seeking answers, that’s why we encourage you to participate in comments and suggestions.
If you are having a serious problem, especially if it concerns your health or health of your child, we strongly advise visiting your doctor instead of relying solemnly on our suggestions. This is not a medical site.

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