Diabetic recipes for Thanksgiving

For most people Thanksgiving holiday literally equals overeating and gaining much weight over couple days. But for all the diabetics out there Thanksgiving should be more about combining pleasant evenings with friends and more healthy versions of traditional foods prepared for the holiday. And don’t get despaired, as there are the ways to cut on the calories and fat even when you are preparing a turkey! Here are some tips on the healthy diabetic recipes for Thanksgiving.

Diabetic recipes for dinner

Diabetic recipes for dinner

The highlight of the dinner is of course turkey. The most fat in the turkey is contained in skin, so be sure to avoid eating it, as well as frying it or using butter buster. You can keep the skin while cooking though to keep the moist from vanishing, but remove it on serving. Buying a fat-free gravy would be a better idea than making one from the fat what would be dripping from the bird while cooking. Rub the pieces of meat with spices and it would be more than delicious.

Diabetic Thanksgiving side dishes

Diabetic Thanksgiving side dishes

In fact, all the products you use for side dishes are healthy – sweet potatoes and green beans only become dangerous for you and your health when combined with brown sugar, marshmallows and fried onions. So, instead of using all those unhealthy things:

• Use skim milk for mashed potatoes
• Sauté beans with garlic and vegetable broth rather than traditional sodium soup
• Cooked sweet potatoes go well being baked with raw milk and sprinkled with cinnamon and pecans.


diabetic friendly desserts

Normally on Thanksgiving you would eat a lot of pecan and pumpkin pies, and heavy desserts with cranberries and other sweets. But for people who should control their ration it is better to opt for diabetic friendly desserts recipes like baked apples instead of apple pie, and make a low-calorie pumpkin custard that is only about 80 calories per serving.


The bottom line is not to focus all your mind on diabetic recipes for thanksgiving and move the spotlight away from food for good. Start a new tradition like playing Monopoly with your family while celebrating, or playing football outside instead of taking the second or the third piece of pie.
And last but not the least – be thankful! Despite all the challenges diabetes may put you through, there is so much more you can enjoy! Look at all the good things you have and forget about what you don’t have at the moment.