Hurricane Irene 2011 and Role of Insurance in Disaster Management

Hurricane Irene 2011 had dreadful consequences to thousands of families all across United States of America. Numerous buildings, parks, museums, governmental institutions were cleared from the face of the earth. In this article we will talk about hurricane Irene and the role of insurance in disaster management.

Even when your property is heavily damaged it is not the reason to throw in the towel despite the fact that it is really challenging. You must not waste your time even in case if your house has been properly insured. You have to make several actions to make sure that your insurance company will response in time.

role of insurance in disaster management

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance proposes some workable tips to people who suffered from disasters like hurricane Irene 2011:

1. Notify the insurance company about the loss – it is the first thing you have to do. Don’t limit yourself with the phone call, write a letter. And bear in mind that it is necessary to contact the insurer directly, not the broker who sold the policy. Do not forget to leave your new coordinates if you have to vacate your house, so the company will be able to find you.
2. Take pictures of the property and the damage and you will be able to use them as pieces of evidence for the insurance claim.
3. Protect the property from further damage. For example, you can board up broken window and save the receipts – the insurance company will pay for it as it is covered in your policy.
4. Separate damaged things from undamaged. Thus you will simplify the work of the insurance adjuster to check your claim.
5. If you want to negotiate the settlement with the insurance company on your behalf, hire an attorney or a licensed public adjuster. He will assist you by taking the inventory of the damage and negotiating with the insurance company. Their assistance is paid from the money received in the insurance settlement.

Some states or parts of the states may be legally declared federal disaster areas after hurricane Irene 2011 and property owners have a possibility to get a low-interest loan or even place an application for the loan online. With its help homeowners have a possibility to replace their property or business assets.

It is possible to borrow up to $40,000 to replace the destroyed property or up to $200,000 for replacement of the residence. These loans are used for restoring property to the original condition, not for the upgrade.
The situation with business is more complicated, owners can apply for the up to $2 million loans for repairing of the assets or offsetting economic injury in the aftermath.