Parenting With Love And Logic Reviews

Parents can learn how to create positive environment and set up trust-based relations with children and develop useful habits. This is basically it – the “Parenting with love and logic reviews“.

The effect of the Parenting with love and logic book can be seen immediately: they choose new parenting styles, which change their behavior, offering their kidsĀ  choices instead of quarreling and struggling with them. The choices proposed to children may be funny or even absurd but it turns out that such approach works well with even strongheads.

Coming up with a choice may be harder than it seems, however, it is essential to offer choices. From that moment on even one phrase can stop poor behavior at the beginning.

parenting with love and logic

Toddlers test the limits and overstep some bounds because it is a way for them to learn and with help of this book parents will understand that it is a normal behavior for their children. Moreover, here it is possible to find solutions how to teach the right behaviors and develop correct way of learning.

The overall parenting with love and logic reviews of the book are far from perfect as some thoughts are messed up and the authors often warned that some parenting technics might not work with children of certain age at the end of the chapter instead of the beginning. All in all, the book is great and gives excellent workable advice so we definitely recommend it for all parents with toddlers.